Subject 114


Behold the worlds, the lives, the secrets of...Subject 114.

The method of creation is unimportant. All that matters is that one gives their very soul, imbues it into their art.

Moved by moments, by the clarity of the voices, one relates those experiences for the world to see.

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shared visions of thrills and chills

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Young Adult

Young adult, contemporary tales such as Amy's Ogre, Sweet Dreams, A Warm Blanket and the Progeny series.

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Ghosts and fairy tales such as The Black Stair, The Innocent and the upcoming Witches of San Diego.

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Sci-Fi & Thrillers

Edgy science fiction such as Whites Sands and its upcoming novelization, Zero Level, as well as the web series, Brace, and the Hollywood tale, The Ordeal - READ NOW.

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Deep and dark tales of horror such as The Black Stair, A Clown Walks Into A Party and the Valence of Infinity series.

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